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Peace, Bread and Land: Agricultural Investments in Ethiopia and the Sudans

25 January 2012 - 10:30am to 11:30am

Chatham House, London


Jason Mosley, Author and Senior Analyst, Oxford Analytica
Chair: Rob Bailey, Senior Fellow, Chatham House



This event will mark the launch of a new briefing paper on agricultural investments in the Horn of Africa. Broad narratives of ‘land-grabbing’ – seeing governments as unwitting victims or as predatory regimes – are a potentially misleading oversimplification in the region, where local populations do not lack agency in this process. Yet investment in land is not conflict-neutral, and given the history of violent conflict and mutual destabilization in the region there is potential for localized political grievances to turn into wider regional conflict. 

The briefing paper seeks to look beyond simplistic generalisations regarding land investments, whilst drawing out some of the risks such investments may face for investors, local communities and governments.