Past eventUnder 35s Forum

Beyond Borders: Digital Activism in a Globalized World

23 February 2012 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Chatham House, London


Tom Cheshire, Associate Editor, Wired UK
Ben Hammersley, Prime Minister's Ambassador to TechCity, Office of the Prime Minister, UK
Heather Brooke, Author, The Revolution will be Digitised
Chair: Dave Clemente, Research Assistant, International Security Programme, Chatham House 



2011 was a busy year for protestors, activists and the governments they confronted. The Arab Spring took centre stage while the Occupy movement spread in cities around the world. Online activism also increased as collectives such as Anonymous and Lulzsec focused their hacking activities around political agendas.

Though grievances may be local, the tools of activism are increasingly global and digital - a trend that will only increase as tens of millions of people get online for the first time every year. This event will look at the role of technology in fomenting change and strengthening collective identity and action. It will explore the potential responses of governments to these challenges, and ask what 2012 might bring.

There will be an open reception after this meeting.