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Islamism and Politics in Somalia

Chatham House, London

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Dr Abdurahman M Abdullahi (Baadiyow), Director of Political Office, Al Islah; and Presidential Candidate, Somalia
Chair: Jason Mosley, Associate Fellow, Africa Programme, Chatham House


Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government is drawing closer to the end of its mandate, but the nature of future governance in Somalia remains unclear. The political role which Islamist organisations could play after the transition is even more uncertain. Although the period of rule by the Islamic Courts Union is heralded by some commentators as the most stable time in Somalia’s recent history, the inclusion of a religious aspect in the politics of the country remains a concern for others, both within Somalia and in the international community.

As Director of Political Office of Al Islah in Somalia, Dr Baadiyow will present his view of the current situation and the potential for Islamist groups to play a more influential role in Somalia’s politics.

Attendance at this event is by invitation only.