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Angola’s 2012 Elections: The View from the Opposition

Chatham House, London

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Domingos Jardo Muekalia, Deputy Secretary for External Relations, National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA)


Elections scheduled for 31 August 2012 will be the first held under Angola’s new constitution and the third national multiparty elections in the country's history. By winning 16 out of 220 seats in the Angolan National Assembly at the 2008 elections, UNITA cemented its position as the largest opposition party in Angola. Since then, the party has been weakened by a split when former UNITA members left and founded a new party (CASA-CE).

Domingos Jardo Muekalia, UNITA’s Deputy Secretary for External Relations, will speak about opposition politics and the challenges facing his party in the context of the forthcoming general elections.