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Beyond the Mainstream Narrative: Sexual Violence, Education, and War

Chatham House, London


Andrew Mack, Director, Human Security Report Project, School for International Studies, Simon Fraser University
Chair: Patricia Lewis, Director, International Security, Chatham House


This event will launch the 2012 Human Security Report, published by the Human Security Report Project (HSRP). 

The report evaluates the dominant narrative on wartime sexual violence, arguing that there is no compelling evidence to support claims that conflict-related sexual violence is on the rise, and that rape is increasingly being deployed as a weapon of war. The report suggests that these claims arise because the experience of a relatively small number of countries afflicted by extreme levels of sexual violence is assumed to be true of war-affected countries in general - it is not.

The speakers will explore reasons why these misunderstandings are so extensive and why this matters for sexual violence prevention policies. 

The report will be published on the Human Security Report Project website on 10 October.