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Terrorism, Insecurity and Human Rights in Nigeria

Chatham House, London


Eric Guttschuss, Researcher on Nigeria, Human Rights Watch
Lucy Freeman, Deputy Programme Director for Africa, Amnesty International
Chair: Titilola Banjoko, Nigeria Leadership Initiative


Increasing terrorist activity across northern and central Nigeria has left over a thousand people dead and thousands more living in a climate of fear. As security agencies have sought to respond to the Boko Haram threat, ordinary Nigerians living in target areas have been exposed to violence and human rights abuses.

Eric Guttschuss, author of the Human Rights Watch report Spiralling Violence: Boko Haram Attacks and Security Force Abuses in Nigeria, and Lucy Freeman, author of the Amnesty International report Nigeria: Trapped in the Cycle of Violence, will discuss crimes committed by Boko Haram and similar extremist organizations and the role of Nigeria’s security forces in an escalating cycle of violence and human rights abuses.