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Foreign Policy Challenges for the Obama Administration

Chatham House, London

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Ambassador John R Bolton, Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute; US Permanent Representative to the United Nations (2005-6)
Chair: Xenia Dormandy, Senior Fellow, US International Role, Chatham House


The speaker will argue that, in his first term, Barack Obama took a less expansive view of America's role in the world than any US president since the attack on Pearl Harbor. Ambassador Bolton will review the Obama administration's first-term foreign policy, including its approach to WMD proliferation, terrorism, defence spending, the US role in Iraq and Afghanistan, and relations with Russia and China.

Looking ahead, he will consider the priorities for Obama's second term and the prospects for America's future global role.


The Next Chapter: President Obama's Second-Term Foreign Policy
Programme Report
Edited by Xenia Dormandy, January 2013