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China's Urban Billion

Chatham House, London


Tom Miller, Author, China's Urban Billion: The Story Behind the Biggest Migration in Human History
Chair: Rod Wye, Associate Fellow, Asia Programme, Chatham House


By 2030, China's cities will be home to 1 billion people - one in every eight people on earth. The speaker will discuss the livelihood prospects for China's urban billion and examine the future landscape of China's cities. He will argue that while the rapid expansion of urban China is astonishing, new policies are urgently needed for China to create healthier cities and reap the full benefits of urbanization.

Furthermore, he will contend that if its leaders get urbanization right, China will surpass the United States and cement its position as the world's largest economy. But if they get it wrong, China could spend the next 20 years languishing in middle-income torpor, its cities pockmarked by giant slums.