Past eventInvitation Only

The Future of American Power

11 April 2014 - 8:45am to 4:30pm

Chatham House, London


Speakers include:
Xenia Dormandy, Project Director, US; Acting Dean, The Academy for Leadership in International Affairs, Chatham House
Dr Adam Quinn, Senior Lecturer in International Politics, University of Birmingham



Over the course of the past year Chatham House, along with several British universities, has brought together leading scholars from the UK and US to discuss the nature and implications of the changing role of the US in the international system. The purpose of this final event is to synthesize the findings of the series and discuss them with a wider group of policy-makers and interested parties.

This event will explore if and how America’s strategic interests are changing, along with its will and capability to act. It will conclude by looking to the future and asking what these changes would mean for America in 2030. 

Attendance at this event is by invitation only.

This event is supported by the Economic and Social Research Council.