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Free Movement of Workers: A Path to Global Economic Recovery?

Chatham House, London

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Chukwu-Emeka Chikezie, Director, Up!-Africa Limited; Senior Adviser to the Governments of Mauritius (2012) and Mexico (2010), Global Forum on Migration and Development
Tim Finch, Director of Communications and Associate Director for Migration, Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR)
Susie Symes, Economist; Chair of the Museum of Immigration and Diversity, 19 Princelet Street; Senior Official, European Commission (1990-92); Economic Adviser, HM Treasury (1985-90)
Co-Chair: Justin Rowlatt, Presenter, BBC World Service
Co-Chair: Manuela Saragosa, Presenter, BBC World Service


Free movement of workers is permitted throughout the European Union. The social, security and economic consequences of this have sparked debate throughout Europe, particularly in the lead up to the European Parliament elections in May – and polls show anti-immigration parties are set to make big gains. The panel will debate the case for, and against, the economic benefits of pursuing the concept of free movement beyond the EU.

This event is being held in association with BBC World Service and will be recorded for broadcast.

Audience members must be seated by 18:20. Admission after this time may be refused.