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The Return of Japan: Abenomics, Structural Reforms and Global Competitiveness

7 May 2014 - 10:30am to 4:15pm

Chatham House, London


Keynote speaker: Akira Amari, Minister of State for Economic and Fiscal Policy, Japan



This event will analyse the implementation of the Abe administration’s reform policies and the impact on sectors that are strategically important to Japan’s economy and beyond.

This is the concluding event in the project 'The Return of Japan', exploring the ambitious set of reforms carried out by the current Japanese administration, the so-called 'Abenomics'. The aim of the project is to promote a discussion between the public and the private sector on how Japan can enhance its global competitiveness in dialogue with Europe.

This final event will summarize topics covered during the project such as the financial sector and Tokyo as an international financial centre; the medical and pharmaceutical sector; corporate governance and code of conduct reforms; and investing in and financing infrastructures. The event will conclude with an overall assessment of the implementation of the policies, and the economic outlook for Japan in the next few months.

This event is supported by the Japan External Trade Organization, Daiwa Capital Markets, Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, AstraZeneca, Hitachi and the Development Bank of Japan, and organized with the help of the Embassy of Japan in the UK, The Japan Society, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the UK and Brunswick.