Supporters of Muqtada al-Sadr demonstrate in Baghdad on 8 February to demand political reform. Photo: Getty Images.
Saad Aldouri

What to Know About Iraq’s Protest Movement

06 June 2017
Saad Aldouri examines the aims and prospects of the groups agitating for political reform in Iraq.
Theresa May arrives for a televised campaign interview. Photo: Getty Images.
Professor Matthew Goodwin

Britain’s Narrowing Polls Throw the Unwritten Laws of Politics into Question

05 June 2017
Jeremy Corbyn and Labour have already overturned the idea that election campaigns don’t make a difference. But whether they can overturn older and more firmly established trends remains to be seen.
Donald Trump speaks about the Paris climate change accord in the Rose Garden at the White House. Photo via Getty Images
Rob Bailey

What Trump’s Withdrawal from Paris Means for Global Climate Action

02 June 2017
In an interview with Gitika Bhardwaj, Rob Bailey argues that as the world presses on, the biggest loser in the president’s decision will be America.
Sergei Lavrov meets with GNA leader Fayez Sarraj in Moscow. Photo: Getty Images.
Nikolay Kozhanov

Moscow’s Presence in Libya Is a New Challenge for the West

30 May 2017
Russian involvement in Libya is designed to establish a new zone for leverage – putting pressure on the West and on regional powers.
Photo: Getty Images.
Professor Iain Begg

How Much Will Brexit Cost?

30 May 2017
The divorce bill from the European Union could run to the tens of billions.
A Congolese Ministry of Health leaflet on Ebola. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Michael Edelstein

What to Know About the Ebola Outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo

26 May 2017
Michael Edelstein outlines what the global health community has learned since the last outbreak and the key elements of the current response.
Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel meet in Berlin. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Christopher Smart

Five Ways for Europe to Set a Course Towards Progress and Growth

24 May 2017
With some good economic news and a distracted Donald Trump, European leaders have a rare window to deliver on economic reforms.
Art installation 'The Globe' at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Photo: Getty Images.
Georgina Wright and Professor Richard G Whitman

Planning for Post-Brexit Britain’s Place on the Global Stage

19 May 2017
The UK’s decision to leave the EU will lead to a major recalibration of the country’s foreign policy, for which creative thinking must start now.
Children of displaced families peer out of the window of a former government building in Ibb, Yemen. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Jeff Crisp

Focus on Refugees Risks Neglecting the Internally Displaced

18 May 2017
Concern for the plight of people who have sought sanctuary in other states has been matched by a neglect of those who are unable to leave their own countries and who are beyond the reach of aid agencies.
Outside the Royal London Hospital. Photo: Getty Images.

The Internet of Things Will Be Even More Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

18 May 2017
As more smart devices with weak or no security connect to the internet, the world will become more exposed to attacks like the ransomware that hit Britain’s NHS.
Aboriginal elder Eileen Kampakuta Brown, joint winner of the 2003 Goldman Environmental Prize for her struggle to stop construction of a nuclear waste dump in South Australia. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Beyza Unal

A Taboo Still Surrounds the Legacy of Nuclear Testing

17 May 2017
It’s time to start talking about the long-lasting effects of nuclear weapons tests.
10 May: Moon Jae-In greets supporters after his presidential victory. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr John Nilsson-Wright

Big Tests Ahead for South Korea's New Leader Moon Jae-in

11 May 2017
The outcome of South Korea's presidential contest, while not quite an electoral landslide, certainly represents a seismic shift in the country's political centre of gravity.
The Moldova parliament building in Chisinau. Photo: Getty Images.
Cristina Gherasimov

Moldova’s Proposed Electoral Change Is a Blow to Democracy. The EU Must Oppose It.

10 May 2017
A proposal to change to a mixed electoral system in Moldova would entrench corruption and harm the young democracy. EU and other Western governments should use their economic clout to stop it.
5 May: Senior Russian military commander Sergei Rudskoi briefs on the situation in Syria. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Lina Khatib

Putin’s ‘Safe Zones’ in Syria Are Nothing of the Kind

09 May 2017
Far from a breakthrough, the Astana agreement is a thinly veiled pretext to increase Russian and Iranian influence.
7 May: Emmanuel Macron addresses supporters in Paris after winning the presidential election. Photo: Getty Images.
Quentin Peel and Georgina Wright

What Does Emmanuel Macron’s Victory Mean for Europe and for Brexit?

09 May 2017
His win in the French presidential election has been greeted with relief and enthusiasm across Europe but is a mixed blessing for Theresa May.

Lord Ricketts on Emmanuel Macron and the Future of Europe

08 May 2017
The former British ambassador to France explores what Macron’s victory in the French presidential election means for France, the EU and the Brexit negotiations, in an interview with Thomas Farrar.
An illustration of Marwan Barghouti at Qalandia checkpoint. Photo via Getty Images.
Dr Neil Quilliam

Israel Risks a Brutal Intifada If It Lets Palestinian Hunger Strikers Die

05 May 2017
The Israeli government and Marwan Barghouti, the leader of the striking prisoners, are playing a dangerous game of brinkmanship.
2 May: Supporters of Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf at a campaign rally in Tehran. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Sanam Vakil

Will ‘Resistance’ Carry the Day in Iran’s Election?

03 May 2017
The Supreme Leader and conservative candidates are playing on old fears of international interference in an attempt to see off reform in the Islamic Republic.
Trump campaigns in Virginia on 22 October 2016. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Leslie Vinjamuri

Trump's Rhetoric Is Eroding America's Moral Authority

28 April 2017
In a mere three months, the president has managed to cast a shadow over the United States, raising grave doubts as to whether America is any longer fit to lead the free world.
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood supporters march during the vote on a new constitution on 14 January 2014. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Georges Fahmi

Why Aren’t More Muslim Brothers Turning to Violence?

27 April 2017
Even in the face of Egypt’s growing security crackdown, the Muslim Brotherhood’s history, leadership and understanding of the costs of violence have kept its membership remarkably peaceful.