24 October 2016
For countries seeking reassurance that the battered global status quo can survive few more years, Hillary Clinton’s rise in the polls is a hopeful sign. She is a known quantity – eight years in the White House as First Lady, eight years as Senator for New York and four years as Secretary of State. No contender for the presidency of the United States has been as well prepared or as closely studied as she.

Alan Philps

Editor, The World Today


But the feeling of reassurance is not necessarily shared in Beijing. Clinton all too well known there – particularly as the architect of Washington’s policy of refocusing its security efforts on East Asia to contain China’s rise. A less discussed irritant is her vocal support for women’s empowerment which has caused a spat with Beijing. Reporting from the campaign trail, Vincent Ni delves into how China may react to a new Clinton presidency.     

To judge by her performance in the last presidential debate which the New York Times called a 'clarion call for women' she intends to be an activist for women if she returns to the White House.

In that debate Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, notoriously called her a ‘nasty woman’ which probably marks a new low in name calling at the top of US politics.

The circus of the presidential campaign has gone on so long it almost seems normal, but it is worth considering how this happened.  In this article, historian Daniel T Rodgers points out the milestones in America’s journey from a city on a hill to the gutter.