Academy Fellow (2014)
Ilya Zaslavskiy


Ilya Zaslavskiy was an Academy fellow with the Russia and Eurasia Programme. Prior to joining Chatham House in February 2014, he worked as an energy sector consultant in Moscow and New York for several years. He specializes in evaluating political and economic environments for the strategic entry of oil companies into developing countries − with a particular focus on the Caspian region and Russia. He is also researching the spread of corrupt practices from Russia and the other former Soviet states into the United States and the UK. He holds an MPhil in international relations from The University of Oxford

Areas of expertise

  • Evaluating political and economic environments for strategic entry of international oil companies (IOCs) into developing countries
  • Integrating regulatory and commercial insights for upstream and midstream projects, including core business issues and more marginal components (e.g. Kyoto Protocol mechanisms, gas flaring mitigation and energy efficiency)
  • Developing databases on top power-brokers in the hydrocarbon-rich Eurasian countries, including information on political clans, regional corruption issues and power networks
  • National oil companies’ corporate structures (Eastern Europe and Caspian) and engagement/communication strategies
  • Country/region/company supply and demand models for oil and gas industries

Past experience

2014-16Academy Associate, Chatham House
2014Academy Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Programme, Chatham House
Oct 2010 –  Head of Central European and Caspian Research, Horizon Client Access, New York, USA 
2007–10 Adviser, Infrastructure and Regulation, Gas Business Development, TNK-BP, Moscow, Russia 
2006–07 Commercial Consultant, Gas Business Development, TNK-BP, Moscow, Russia 
Jan 2006 – Oct 2006 Manager, International Affairs Department, TNK-BP, Moscow, Russia
2004–05 Deputy Director, manager of oil and gas projects under Kyoto Protocol Joint Implementation mechanism, Russian Carbon Fund A/S, Moscow, Russia

Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.), International Relations, Oxford University, United Kingdom (Thesis on geopolitics, oil and pipelines: U.S.- Russian relations in the Caspian region)


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Modern History, First Class (Honours), Oxford University, United Kingdom

  • Consultancy report: Outlook for Azerbaijan's Oil and Gas - Power-Brokers, Elections and Environment for IOCs, New York, December 2013.
  • Consultancy report: Southern Gas Corridor: Upstream, Transit Projects and Regional Political Outlook, New York, October 2013.
  • Book review: Thane Gustafson, Wheel of Fortune: The Battle for Oil and Power in Russia in Pro et Contra, Vol. 16, № 6, Nov - Dec 2012, Carnegie Moscow Center, pp. 157 – 163
  • Pipeline Affair: Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan and Kazakhstan's Choice in the Caspian, Europe Publishing House, Moscow, Russia, 2005