• Sami Abdel-Shafi
    Academy Associate

    Sami Abdel-Shafi

  • Adebusuyi Adeyemi
    Consulting Fellow, Centre on Global Health Security

    Adebusuyi Adeyemi

  • Aliko Ahmed
    Associate Fellow, Centre on Global Health Security

    Professor Aliko Ahmed

  • Farea Al-Muslimi
    Associate Fellow, Middle East and North Africa Programme

    Farea Al-Muslimi

  • Heba Al-Nasser
    Academy Associate

    Heba AlNasser

  • Saad Aldouri
    Research Analyst, Middle East and North Africa Programme

    Saad Aldouri

  • Abdullah Ali
    Academy Fellow (2013-14)

    Abdullah Ali

  • Duncan Allan
    Associate Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Programme

    Duncan Allan

  • Tighisti Amare
    Manager, Africa Programme

    Tighisti Amare

  • Yulia Andrusiv
    Academy Associate

    Yulia Andrusiv

  • Dr Urvashi Aneja
    Associate Fellow, Asia Programme

    Dr Urvashi Aneja

  • Irma Arguello
    Associate Fellow, International Security

    Irma Arguello

  • Rob Bailey
    Research Director, Energy, Environment and Resources

    Rob Bailey

  • Nomi Bar-Yaacov
    Associate Fellow, International Security

    Nomi Bar-Yaacov

  • Katinka Barysch
    Associate Fellow, Europe Programme

    Katinka Barysch

  • Ian Begg
    Associate Fellow, Europe Programme

    Professor Iain Begg

  • Tim Benton
    Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Energy Environment and Resources

    Professor Tim Benton

  • Tomisha Bino
    Academy Fellow (2015-16)

    Tomisha Bino

  • William Blyth
    Associate Fellow, Energy, Environment and Resources

    William Blyth

  • Kateryna Boguslavska
    Academy Associate, Russia and Eurasia Programme

    Kateryna Boguslavska