Preparations are made for European leaders to meet with Iranian representatives in Brussels on 15 May. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Robin Niblett CMG, Thomas Gomart, Dr Daniela Schwarzer and Nathalie Tocci

Europe Should Defend the Iran Deal Without Burning Bridges to the US

18 May 2018
Precisely because America is more than Trump, it is crucial for Europeans to defend the JCPOA.
A Muqtada al-Sadr mobile phone cover for sale in a Baghdad market. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Renad Mansour

Why Iraq’s Elections Were an Indictment of the Elite

18 May 2018
Muqtada al-Sadr’s victory shows Iraqis were less interested in sectarian politics than in the gap between ruler and ruled.
Supporters of Mahathir Mohamad in Kuala Lumpur on 10 May. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Champa Patel and Josef Benedict

After Surprising Election, How Much Will Malaysia Change?

15 May 2018
The opposition’s electoral win is a big moment, but intertwined politics and personalities make its effects uncertain.
The Colombo Port City infrastructure project in Sri Lanka, which has received Belt and Road-linked funding. Photo: Getty Images.
Alison Hoare

How China Could Become a Global Leader in Sustainable Infrastructure

14 May 2018
Through the Belt and Road Initiative, China could help make a vital contribution toward addressing climate change.
An Israeli soldier stands on Mount Bental in the Golan Heights near the Syrian border. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Lina Khatib

Only the US Can Prevent More Clashes Between Israel and Iran in Syria

14 May 2018
The fighting is more about deflecting aggression than provoking all-out war. But Washington has a key role.
The prime minister of Tonga, Samiuela 'Akilisi Pohiva, arrives at the Commonwealth Heads of Government summit in London in April. Photo: Getty Images.
Cleo Paskal

New Diplomatic Posts Could Give UK a Fresh Path to Influence

11 May 2018
By building on existing relationships, Britain can offer strategic engagement to partners after Brexit.
A stage constructed for a post-election rally collapses on top of Beirut's Martyrs Monument. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Lina Khatib

Lebanon Re-elects Its Political Status Quo

09 May 2018
Following a long-awaited election, the same old political elites continue to dominate Lebanon's political scene.
An Iranian woman walks past a mural on the wall of the former US embassy in Tehran. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Sanam Vakil

By Pulling Out of Nuclear Deal, Trump Hands Gift to Iranian Hardliners

09 May 2018
The US president has given hardline political elites a unique opportunity to build on Iranian frustration.
Afonso Dhlakama addresses a crowd of supporters at a campaign rally in 2014. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Alex Vines OBE

Afonso Dhlakama’s Death Changes the Calculation for Peace Prospects in Mozambique

04 May 2018
If politicians continue to act in good faith, the death of the opposition leader may be a significant opportunity to finally draw a line under Mozambique’s long war.
EU Commissioner for the Budget Gunther Oettinger and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker address a press conference to present the EU's next long-term budget. Photo: Getty Images.
Professor Iain Begg

What to Know About the EU’s New Budget

03 May 2018
This week, the European Commission published its proposals for the next seven-year Multi-annual Financial Framework. What does this budget tell us about the EU’s priorities, and about how the invariably acrimonious negotiations among member states might play out?
A robot distributes promotional literature calling for a ban on fully autonomous weapons in Parliament Square. Photo: Getty Images.
Major Kathleen McKendrick

Banning Autonomous Weapons Is Not the Answer

02 May 2018
A simple ban of lethal autonomous systems, as advocated for by some states, misses the complexity of the issue and how highly-automated systems could actually enhance adherence to international law.
Armenian opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan gives a speech at the extraordinary session of parliament on 1 May. Photo: Getty Images.
Laurence Broers

Armenia Crisis Deepens as Ruling Party Clings to Power

02 May 2018
Armenian politics now turns around a dangerous combination of a new constitution designed to preserve incumbents and a regime that has long lost legitimacy.
Women's peace group rally in Imjingak peace park in Paju, near the demilitarized zone dividing the two Koreas. Photo by Jung Yeon-je/AFP/Getty Images.
Dr John Nilsson-Wright

Summit Showcases the Diplomatic Agility of Both Korean Leaders

30 April 2018
The dramatic events are a reminder that personality and leadership can sometimes allow relatively small powers to advance their interests in spite of the competing interests of larger states.
New prime minister Abiy Ahmed attends a rally in Ambo, Ethiopia. Photo by Zacharias Abubeker/AFP/Getty Images
Ahmed Soliman

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Shows Knack for Balancing Reform and Continuity

27 April 2018
Dr Abiy Ahmed faces an enormous challenge in satisfying the huge range of expectations from different constituencies clamouring for representation in Ethiopia’s multi-faceted ethnic federation.
A Chinese coast guard vessel sails near an oil drilling rig in disputed waters in the South China Sea in 2014. Photo: Getty Images.
Bill Hayton

China’s Intimidation Exposes Vietnam’s Lack of Deterrence

26 April 2018
Hanoi does not seem to have a strategy to develop the resources that international law says rightfully belong to it. And the economic costs of this predicament are rising.
The inauguration of a frigate built by Russia for the Vietnamese navy. Photo: Getty Images.
Hayato Hosoya

Japan Should Moderate Reaction to Russia’s Move in the South China Sea

25 April 2018
Moscow’s new agreement with Vietnam is not worth spoiling relations over.
Narendra Modi visits the Terracotta Warriors exhibition on a visit to China in 2015. Photo: Getty Images.
Professor Kerry Brown and Marya Shakil

Internal Challenges Will Shape the Global Roles of India and China

24 April 2018
Their competitive relationship will be defined by whether, in the end, democracy or one-party uniformity emerges as the best way to sustain prosperity and stability.
People celebrate Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation in downtown Yerevan on 23 April 23. Photo: Getty Images.
Laurence Broers

In Armenia, a Constitutional Power Grab Backfires

24 April 2018
Framed as a path to stability, Serzh Sargsyan’s attempt to use a new parliamentary system to retain power has perpetuated a pattern of recurring crisis in Armenian politics.
Donald Trump talks to opera performers at the Forbidden City during a visit to Beijing in November 2017. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Jue Wang

Tariff Dispute is Just One Tussle in Longer US–China Struggle

24 April 2018
Trump’s strategy is different from other administrations, but his concerns are the same: opening up the Chinese market and preserving a US advantage in economic competition with China.
A mural at a Sahrawi refugee camp in Algeria. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Claire Spencer

Shifting Geopolitics May See Movement in Western Sahara

24 April 2018
As the approach of the UN and Morocco’s traditional allies changes, there may finally be a chance for a breakthrough in the 40-year-old dispute.