Shinzo Abe arrives in parliament on 14 March. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr John Nilsson-Wright

North Korea and a School Scandal Heap Pressure on Japan's Prime Minister

15 March 2018
John Nilsson-Wright asks whether trust can be restored and maintained between the US and Japanese governments and between Shinzo Abe and the electorate.

Admiral James Foggo on the Future of Intervention

14 March 2018
The commander of Allied Joint Force Command Naples and US Naval Forces Europe and Africa speaks with Jason Naselli about how military intervention is changing and how NATO is preparing for future threats.

‘It’s not a problem of who has them; it’s a problem of the weapon.’

14 March 2018
Beatrice Fihn, executive director of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, speaks with Nina Black about making multilateral action on disarmament more effective, and what she thinks of a Trump–Kim nuclear summit.
Photo: Jill Kerttula.
Elizabeth Isele

How Older Female Entrepreneurs Boost Rural Communities

13 March 2018
Governments must stop seeing the old purely as a liability. In particular, older women in rural areas can have a big impact on social and economic prosperity.
A police officer stands near the scene of the attack on Sergei Skripal in Salisbury. Photo: Getty Images.
John Lough and James Sherr

The Skripal Attack Is a Test for the UK

12 March 2018
Moscow wants to see if the government will be able to muster a strong response to assassination attempts on British soil.
Sberbank offices in London. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Nigel Gould-Davies and James Nixey

How Britain Can Respond to the Skripal Attack

12 March 2018
Nigel Gould-Davies and James Nixey outline the principles that should guide the UK’s actions following the attempted assassination.
A Sri Lankan policeman guards a mosque Colombo. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Champa Patel

Sri Lanka's Buddhist-Muslim Tensions Are in Danger of Erupting Into Widespread Violence

09 March 2018
The clashes in Kandy are not random or isolated, and without incisive government action there is a strong chance of broader conflict.
A refugee from South Sudan has their biometrics registered at a refugee camp in Uganda. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Jeff Crisp

Beware the Notion That Better Data Lead to Better Outcomes for Refugees and Migrants

09 March 2018
Increased data collection introduces serious risks to people’s privacy and security – and there is no reason to think it will automatically improve policy.
President Trump holds up the proclamation on steel imports on 8 March. Photo: Getty Images.
Matthew Oxenford

Trump Has Shown How Dangerous He Is to the Global Trading System

09 March 2018
Even if steel and aluminium tariffs don’t spark a trade war, the US president’s agenda will continue to carry real risks.
Zhou Xiaochuan at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in October 2017. Photo: Getty Images.
Alan Wheatley

China’s Outgoing Central Bank Governor Leaves an Impressive but Fragile Legacy

06 March 2018
Zhou Xiaochuan made great strides in economic liberalization, but consolidating his progress depends on Xi Jinping and the Communist Party.
Bill Hayton

Why Is Vietnam Hosting an American Aircraft Carrier?

05 March 2018
It’s about sending messages to China – and President Trump.
A Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley. Photo: Getty Images.
Ruma Mandal

The Global Compact on Refugees Offers an Opportunity to Revive Responsibility Sharing

01 March 2018
If humanitarian considerations alone won’t persuade a broad coalition of states to consider real reform on responsibility sharing, political, security and economic dividends just might.
Destroyed buildings in eastern Ghouta. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Champa Patel

The UK Needs to Speak With One Voice to Prevent Mass Atrocities

28 February 2018
The government must use a cross-departmental approach, where differing imperatives are aligned, to ensure effective action in situations like eastern Ghouta.
The ‘Brexit War Cabinet’ at Chequers. Photo: Getty Images.
Georgina Wright

Three Reasons the EU Will Reject the ‘Brexit War Cabinet’ Proposal

27 February 2018
The prime minister may have found a measure of agreement within the government, but her ‘three baskets’ position faces multiple hurdles in Brussels.
Both Hassm and Lewaa al-Thawra condemn the ISIS attacks against Coptic churches. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Georges Fahmi

New Groups Will Lose Out in Egypt's Market of Violence

23 February 2018
Hassm and Lewaa al-Thawra have been designated terrorist organizations, but their distinct approach will struggle to gain followers.
A damaged ambulance in front of Arbin Hospital in eastern Ghouta after an airstrike. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Abdulkarim Ekzayez

Attacks on Healthcare in Syria Look Like a Bloody Strategy of Forced Displacement

23 February 2018
There is reason to suspect health facilities are being deliberately targeted in eastern Ghouta in a bid to weaken the resilience of the community to make it more amenable to evacuation.
Supporters hold up a poster of Morgan Tsvangirai during a memorial service in Harare. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Knox Chitiyo

Tsvangirai Leaves an Important Political Legacy in Southern Africa

21 February 2018
The story of Zimbabwe’s ‘people’s champion’ offers a powerful example to a region in need of new political compromises.
A policeman in Manila investigates the scene where the body of an alleged drug user lies after being killed by unidentified assailants on 8 December 2017. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Champa Patel

In Examining the Philippines’ Drug War, the ICC Takes a Positive but Challenging Step

15 February 2018
The International Criminal Court’s move is important, but it will have to contend with challenges to its credibility, procedural difficulties and managing expectations.
The 2018 Winter Olympic Games open on 9 February. Photo: Getty Images.
Hayato Hosoya

As Olympics Open, Moon’s Warm Words for Pyongyang Alarm South Korea’s Allies

09 February 2018
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is attending the opening ceremonies in part to reassure trilateral ties between South Korea, Japan and the US.
Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev. Photo: Getty Images.
Stanislav Pritchin

Uzbekistan’s New President Steps Towards Ambitious Reform With Security Chief Sacking

08 February 2018
The dismissal of the powerful head of the security service is the latest move in a bold programme.