Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop meets Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Beijing. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Bates Gill

US Allies Aren’t Buying Its New Strategies to Confront China

06 February 2018
China presents many challenges, but bluff, bluster and empty rhetoric will be seen for exactly what it is.
Theresa May and her husband Philip visit the Yu Yuan Temple Gardens in Shanghai. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Tim Summers

May’s Visit Shows Why Britain Needs a More Strategic China Policy

06 February 2018
The prime minister just about pulled off the balancing act between trade, culture and geopolitics. But a deeper strategy remains missing.
Cyril Ramaphosa in Davos on 24 January. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Max du Plessis

Ramaphosa Can Renew South African Leadership by Recommitting to the ICC

06 February 2018
Re-engaging constructively with the ICC would underline the new ANC leader’s commitment to principles that have been lost or threatened over the past decade.
Hundreds of farmers sit in pits as a protest against government plans for land acquisition in October 2017. Photo By Vishal Bhatnagar/NurPhoto via Getty Images.
Dr Gareth Price

India Budget 2018: Who are the Biggest Winners and Losers?

02 February 2018
Any claims to boost farmers' prospects will inevitably be seen as political, coming ahead of a series of key elections. But this budget recognises India's most pressing concerns - and seeks to address them.
Pro-EU demonstrators outside Parliament as MPs debate the EU (Withdrawal) Bill. Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images
Georgina Wright

EFTA Court Could Answer Post-Brexit Judicial Quandary

31 January 2018
‘Docking’ with the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) Court as a dispute resolution body would have advantages for both the UK and EU.
The Rosneft oil rig drills the first exploration well in the Khatanga Bay as part of the East Taimyr oilfield. Photo by Vladimir Smirnov\TASS via Getty Images.
Stanislav Pritchin

Russia’s Untapped Arctic Potential

29 January 2018
Exploring why company turf wars and Western sanctions are preventing Russia from extracting oil and gas from the Arctic.
An election campaign banner for President Sisi in Cairo. Photo: Getty Images.
Jane Kinninmont

In Egypt, Sisi Faces Down Some Surprising Challengers

25 January 2018
The outcome of the country’s presidential election in March is not in doubt, but attempted challenges from within the military raise questions about the president’s hold on power.
US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo: Getty Images.
Mathieu Boulègue

The US–Russia Relationship Is Likely to Deteriorate Further in 2018

25 January 2018
The scope for finding mutual interest in the relationship appears limited.
Demonstrators protest against price hikes in Tunis. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Claire Spencer

Across North Africa and the Middle East, 2018 Looks to Be a Year of Civil Unrest

25 January 2018
A number of MENA states face the prospect of further upheaval as economic conditions worsen.
Mauricio Macri at the launch ceremony for Argentina's G20 presidency in Buenos Aires. Photo: Getty Images.
Richard Lapper

After Macri’s Reforms, Argentina Makes an Ideal G20 Leader

22 January 2018
As Buenos Aires assumes the presidency of the group, its example can reinforce support for free trade and multilateralism.
An Iraqi dinar banknote with an image of Mosul's iconic minaret, which was destroyed by ISIS. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Renad Mansour and Hisham Al-Hashimi

ISIS Is Still in Business

17 January 2018
Despite its defeat on the battlefield, ISIS is using Iraq’s black market to stockpile millions of dollars to fuel its coming insurgency.
A model of the Dome of the Rock at the Jewish Museum in Berlin. Photo: Getty Images.
Greg Shapland

Better Israeli-Palestinian Relations Are Possible

15 January 2018
However intractable the conflict may seem, a number of factors favour a more positive dynamic.
Workers dismantle old computers at an e-waste recycling factory near Bangalore. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Urvashi Aneja

A Digital India Must Embrace the Circular Economy

15 January 2018
A growing amount of e-waste should draw attention to the broader sustainability of a digital society.
The combination of loose money and fiscal austerity may have prevented a financial meltdown, but has had profound distributional effects. Photo: Getty Images.
Matthew Oxenford

The Lasting Effects of the Financial Crisis Have Yet to Be Felt

12 January 2018
Ten years on from the global financial upheaval, it is increasingly clear that there will never be a return to the old ‘normal’.
An oil tanker on the outskirts of Beirut. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Valérie Marcel and Jessica Obeid

Is Lebanon Set for an Oil Bonanza?

10 January 2018
The Lebanese government is banking on oil and gas discoveries to fuel a bright new future. But the challenges are just starting for the small country beset with public mistrust in politicians and ongoing geopolitical disputes.
The JF-17 Thunder combat aircraft developed by Pakistan and China. Photo: Getty Images.
Amil Khan

Changing Sponsors Won’t Solve Pakistan’s Problems

09 January 2018
Islamabad has always sought outside support to pay for its foreign and defence policy, tying itself in knots to secure funding. A Pakistan that can fund itself would be better for both the country and its partners.
Protests over economic malaise and corruption have spread across Iranian towns and cities. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Sanam Vakil

What to Know About the Protests in Iran

05 January 2018
Sanam Vakil breaks down what sparked the unrest, how it affects President Hassan Rouhani’s position and what happens next.
Zimbabwe’s 2018 elections will be closely watched after the removal of Robert Mugabe last year. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Alex Vines OBE

Mixed Outlook for Africa in 2018

05 January 2018
Africa’s political and economic trends, as well as its security arrangements, will continue to diverge in the coming year.
Makeshift shelters at the Kutapalong Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh. Poor living conditions makes the transmission of disease more likely. Photo by Allison Joyce/Getty Images.
Dr Michael Edelstein and Dr Gayatri Amirthalingam

Diphtheria's Resurgence Is a Lesson in Public Health Failure

03 January 2018
With stronger, more resilient healthcare systems accessible to all, there would be less need for emergency response to disease outbreaks such as diphtheria.
Cyril Ramaphosa during the announcement of new party leadership at the 5th African National Congress (ANC) national conference. Photo by Alet Pretorius/Gallo Images/Getty Images
Chris Vandome

Ramaphosa Has Won the Battle. But Can He Win the War?

21 December 2017
Cyril Ramaphosa is taking charge of South Africa’s ruling party, the ANC, at its weakest point in post-apartheid history. Expectations couldn’t be higher.