UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson addresses the Chatham House London Conference, October 2017
James Nixey

What Can Boris Johnson Offer the Kremlin on his Christmas Visit to Moscow?

21 December 2017
The UK Foreign Secretary faces the unenviable task of being sent into an unfriendly zone, during a particularly toxic period of relations, and needing to tread a fine line with a sophisticated opponent, who wants something he cannot give.
Posing for a photo between posters of Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta and Vice-President William Ruto at a temporary installed photo studio in Nairobi. Photo by Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images.
Natasha W. Kimani

Kenya: Still No Country for Women

20 December 2017
President Kenyatta will soon present his list of nominees for cabinet and principal secretaries - a great opportunity to demonstrate his government’s commitment to enhancing gender equality in Kenya.
The Obelisk at the centre of the Place de la Concorde is lit by the color of the One Planet Summit held in Paris, December 2017. Photo by Julien Mattia/NurPhoto via Getty Images.
Siân Bradley and Glada Lahn

The World Bank Won't Back Oil and Gas - What Now?

18 December 2017
The decision to end finance to upstream oil and gas marks a turning point for development assistance.
A green power station in Chongqing uses waste to produce electricity. Photo: Getty Images.
Johanna Lehne

China Will Be Crucial to Creating a Global Circular Economy

18 December 2017
Shifting towards a more circular economy focused on reuse, remanufacturing and recycling may provide an urgent boost to growth and jobs in developing countries, and China can play a leading role.
A firefighter boat takes part in an exercise for the rescue services of the Caspian littoral states. Photo: Getty Images.
Stanislav Pritchin

Russia’s New Strategy for Caspian Relations

18 December 2017
In anticipation of a long-awaited final agreement on the international status of the Caspian Sea, Russia has started testing a new approach to its relations with the other four littoral states.
Ghassan Salamé at the Forum MED Mediterranean Dialogues summit in Rome. Photo: Getty Images.
Tim Eaton

UN Libya Talks Have a Narrow Window to Avoid Stalemate

14 December 2017
Protracted negotiations over the formation of an interim government risk derailing the UN action plan.
A Five Star Movement supporter in Rome. Photo: Getty Images.
Professor Matthew Goodwin

In 2018, Europe’s Populist Challenges Will Continue

14 December 2017
Despite the ‘Macron moment’, traditional politics remains under pressure across the continent.
A London Underground train advertising the UK-Russia Year of Science and Education 2017 goes out of service. Photo: Getty Images.
Duncan Allan

Brexit Makes It Even More Difficult for the UK to Deal With Russia

13 December 2017
Russia’s leaders do not consider the UK to be their country’s equal in the global system. This creates problems for British policymakers – which Brexit is aggravating.
The union flag is arranged before Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker speak to reporters on 8 December. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Robin Niblett CMG

Finding a Sensible Brexit

12 December 2017
A ‘soft’ Brexit might be a good economic outcome for the UK, but it is not politically viable. Instead, a ‘sensible’ Brexit, which retains the best possible levels of access to the EU’s single market but secures the return of sovereign rights, is the way forward.
Activists from Tehreek-e-Labbaik ya Rasool Allah protest in Islamabad on 21 November. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Farzana Shaikh

Spectre of Blasphemy Allegations Returns to Pakistan

11 December 2017
The elected government has again failed to assert its authority against unconstitutional forces claiming to act in the name of Islam.
Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Ann Marie Kimball MPH, FACPM, Professor David R Harper CBE and Chikwe Ihekweazu

In Wake of Ebola, West Africa Must Seize Opportunity to Build Better Public Health Systems

08 December 2017
Money and international attention have flowed to the region since the outbreak. Now it must build on extensive planning to protect both this very vulnerable region and the rest of the world.
Women admitted to the maternity ward at Roi Baudoin hospital in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, are counselled by a staff member on 3 March 2010, after having been detained at the hospital for non-payment of medical fees. Photo: AFP/Getty.
Robert Yates

Hospitals That Act as Modern-day Debtor Prisons Deny Rights and Dignity

06 December 2017
Hundreds of thousands of people are detained in hospitals against their will each year. Their crime? Being too poor to pay their medical bills. Robert Yates examines two practical steps that countries can take to eliminate this practice.
French President Emmanuel Macron and Côte d’Ivoire President Alassane Ouattara. Photo: Getty Images.
Tighisti Amare and Paul Melly

Can Africa and the EU Forge a Partnership of Equals?

05 December 2017
Building a new Africa–EU relationship based on mutual respect and collective decision-making presents a huge challenge.
Portraits of Ali Abdullah Saleh in a shop in Sana'a in 2004. Photo: Getty Images.
Peter Salisbury

Yemen's Future Looks Grim After Saleh Killing

05 December 2017
The former president was a divisive figure, but he was also the person most likely to be able to broker some kind of settlement.
Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull meets China's Premier Li Keqiang in Canberra in March 23. Photo: Getty Images.

Australia Struggles to Chart a Course Between the US and China

05 December 2017
A new foreign policy outline is an anxious call for engagement, but Canberra remains short on answers.
Wood workers in Indonesia. Photo: EU FLEGT and REDD facilities.
Eleanor Glover

Forest Governance Provides UK With a Valuable Model for Expanding Sustainable Trade

30 November 2017
As Britain looks to deepen trade links with developing countries post-Brexit, it will need to build on initiatives like the FLEGT programme.
Pyongyang residents watch news of the latest missile launch. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr John Nilsson-Wright

North Korea's Tight Line Between Deterrence and Escalation

30 November 2017
During the Cold War, nuclear strategists frequently asked 'how much is enough' to guarantee deterrence and the security of the nation. Planners in Pyongyang may be asking the same question now.
South Sudan President Salva Kiir in Juba in October. Photo: Getty Images.
Ahmed Soliman and Aly Verjee

How to Support South Sudan’s High Level Revitalization Forum

29 November 2017
Without setting clear expectations for the upcoming peace forum, the international community risks allowing the regional mediation to fail, exacerbating the conflict in South Sudan.
Emmerson Mnangagwa is sworn in as president on 24 November. Photo: Getty Images.
Chris Vandome

Rebuilding Zimbabwe's Economy: Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Immediate Priorities

28 November 2017
Zimbabwe cannot expect to rebuild in the same economic model that brought previous prosperity.
Vladimir Putin meets with defence ministry and defence industry officials in Sochi on 23 November. Photo: Getty Images.
Mathieu Boulègue

Russia’s New State Armament Programme Offers a Glimpse at Military Priorities

27 November 2017
The bi-annual ‘Sochi meetings’ highlighted the goals and difficulties of the Kremlin’s plans for Russia’s military industry.