Robert Mugabe is sworn in for another term in 2008. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Alex Vines OBE

Mugabe’s Fall Is a Wake-Up Call for Africa’s Leaders

27 November 2017
The continent’s long-standing leaders will come under increasing pressure to demonstrate their societal value. Some will become more oppressive; others may conclude that their time has expired.
Departure lounge at OR Tambo International Airport near Johannesburg. Photo: Getty Images.
Chris Vandome

South Africa Needs a Strategic Vision for Its Continent

24 November 2017
South Africa has the potential to catalyse growth across its sub-region and the continent, but the government must develop a comprehensive strategy that aligns political, ideological and commercial interests.
People celebrate Mugabe's resignation in Harare. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Knox Chitiyo

Mugabe’s Departure Ushers in a Heady New Era for Zimbabwe

23 November 2017
The country is experiencing an almost unprecedented convergence, with traditional political, economic and social fault lines bridged as Zimbabweans make common cause for change.
A man paints over the logo of the Cambodia National Rescue Party at its headquarters in Phnom Penh. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Champa Patel

After Crackdown, Where Does Cambodia Go From Here?

23 November 2017
In the short term, the country looks unlikely to escape one-party rule. But internal and external pressures on the leadership will continue to build.
Agmashenebeli Avenue in Tbilisi is turned into 'European Street' in March to celebrate visa-free travel in the Schengen area for Georgians. Photo: Getty Images.
Cristina Gherasimov

EU Should Seek Further Reforms Before Offering Membership to Eastern Neighbours

23 November 2017
The EU should reiterate firm support for current commitments and for European integration via genuine democratic transformations before promising a path to membership.
Poland's Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski and his counterpart from Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin meet in Warsaw in March. Photo: Getty Images.
Kataryna Wolczuk

Abandoning the Eastern Partnership Would Be a Terrible Act of Self-Harm for Poland

21 November 2017
By turning its back on Poland’s leadership role in eastern Europe, the ruling Law and Justice Party is jeopardizing the country’s security and its standing in the EU.
A replica of the Statue of Liberty is seen emitting smoke from its torch at the Rheinaue Park during the COP23 United Nations Climate Change Conference.
Rob Bailey

With Deadlines Approaching, Climate Negotiations Adjust to Life Beyond Trump

21 November 2017
Rob Bailey speaks with Gitika Bhardwaj in a two-part interview about the recently concluded round of climate negotiations and the importance of agreeing a Paris 'rulebook' next year.
Xi Jinping arrives to a guard of honour in Harare in 2015. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Alex Vines OBE

How Influential Is China in Zimbabwe?

20 November 2017
A trip to Beijing by Zimbabwe's military chief was a 'normal military exchange', China's foreign ministry said after the army seized power in Harare. Alex Vines examines the extent of China's influence in Zimbabwe.
Donald Trump in Seoul at the beginning of his tour of Asia. Photo: Getty Images.
Bill Hayton

Trump May Be a Good Fit for Southeast Asia’s Strongmen

09 November 2017
If they just buy a few more American products, the region’s leaders are likely to find a friend in the US president.
A Biafra supporter wears shoes with the colours of the Biafra flag. Photo: Getty Images.
Sola Tayo and Fidelis Mbah

Calls for Biafran Independence Return to South East Nigeria

09 November 2017
A fresh insurrection by Biafra secessionists would plunge the country into deeper insecurity.
People watch a projection of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Riyadh in September. Photo: Getty Images.
Jane Kinninmont

Mohammed bin Salman’s Shakeup Is More Than a Power Play

06 November 2017
High-profile arrests reflect the Saudi crown prince’s emerging brand of authoritarian populism for the post-oil era.
A Kenyan security force member in Nairobi on 30 October. Photo: Getty Images.
Rebekka Rumpel and Natasha W. Kimani

Kenya Election Fallout Makes Institutional Challenges Impossible to Ignore

03 November 2017
Without political compromise, support for the judiciary and steps to tackle police abuses, Kenya faces a turbulent future.
Yemeni children suspected of being infected with cholera receive treatment at a hospital in Sanaa. Photo: Getty Images.
Rachel Thompson

Yemen’s Health Crisis: How The World’s Largest Cholera Outbreak Unfolded

02 November 2017
Despite warnings, the country’s public health crisis has exceeded predictions. Rachel Thompson examines why.
A Kashmiri Muslim girl at Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Gareth Price

Is India Getting Serious About Dialogue in Kashmir?

30 October 2017
Complications abound, but it now appears that the Indian government may at least have a plan.
Sudan President Omar al-Bashir on a visit to Ethiopia in April. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Max du Plessis

Time to Resolve the Debate Over Immunity and the International Criminal Court

26 October 2017
The dispute between the African Union and the ICC over Omar al-Bashir highlights the need for a conclusive determination on the legal issues.
A portrait of the late King Bhumibol in Bangkok. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Nigel Gould-Davies

After Year of Mourning, Thailand’s Divisions Remain

25 October 2017
The country faces a series of interlocking uncertainties: over the evolution of its distinctive form of systemic legitimacy, the monarchy’s relationship to the military and the prospects of democracy in a deeply divided society.
A Sudanese soldier walks in a procession during President Omar al-Bashir's tour in Darfur on 21 September. Photo: Getty Images.
Dame Rosalind Marsden

US Must Keep a Close Watch on Sudan After Easing Sanctions

25 October 2017
The next phase of Western engagement should focus on human rights, peace and democracy.
Sooronbay Jeenbekov won 54.3 per cent of the vote in Kyrgyzstan’s presidential election. Photo: Getty Images.
Kate Mallinson

Kyrgyz Election Shows There Is Another Way Forward in Central Asia

17 October 2017
Kyrgyzstan’s contested presidential election campaign mirrored the complexities of the country’s brittle democracy. The new president will need a deft touch for the challenges ahead.
Soviet statue destroyed by artillery in Nikishyne, Ukraine. Photo: Getty Images.
James Sherr

Donbas Peacekeepers Proposal a Classic Putin Gambit

16 October 2017
Is Moscow laying ‘the perfect trap’ for Ukraine?
Concerns were raised about the cyber vulnerability of the new HMS Queen Elizabeth. Photo: Getty Images.
Chronis Kapalidis

Maritime Cyber Security: No Substitute for Testing

12 October 2017
When no defence is completely effective against cyberattacks, it is vital to test responses to the inevitable incursions.