A Belarusian tank participates in the 2017 International Army Games in Russia. Photo: Getty Images.
Keir Giles

West Should Keep a Wary Eye on Russia's Zapad War Games

16 August 2017
Russia is currently mixing threatening language designed to intimidate the West with another, contradictory message: that those who fear a Russian military threat are 'hysterical' and hankering for the Cold War.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un watches an ICBM test-fire. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr John Nilsson-Wright

In North Korea Standoff, What Does Kim Jong-un Really Want?

14 August 2017
John Nilsson-Wright examines what the North Korean leader is hoping to achieve with his nuclear weapons programme.
Raila Odinga arrives at a polling station on 8 August. Photo: Getty Images.
Rebekka Rumpel

Odinga Should Heed His Own Words to Strengthen Kenyan Democracy

11 August 2017
If the opposition leader cannot swiftly substantiate his allegations that the presidential election was hacked, he should concede defeat.
Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Jeff Crisp

It’s Far Too Early to Talk of Return for Syrian Refugees

10 August 2017
Although the Syrian conflict shows no sign of coming to end, governments and aid agencies are already beginning to consider the repatriation of the country’s five million refugees.
Emmanuel Macron reviews troops during a visit to a submarine base near Brest. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Angelos Chryssogelos

For Macron, Security Holds the Key to Eurozone Reform

10 August 2017
In a more uncertain global environment, France has the ability to provide Germany with the security guarantees it needs. The French president would do well to link these with his economic reform ambitions.
Pyongyang in July. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Patricia Lewis

How Worried Should We Be About a Nuclear War With North Korea?

09 August 2017
History is littered with near misses, but the latest tensions between the US and North Korea offer their own special risks of Armageddon.
Ghassan Salame. Photo: Getty Images.
Tim Eaton

Can the UN’s New Special Representative Make Progress in Libya?

09 August 2017
Ghassan Salamé must move quickly to bring together the country’s competing powers and a divided international community.
UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has recognized the societal value of empowering women in the past. Photo: Getty Images.
Hannah Bryce and Asha Herten-Crabb

For the UK, a Feminist Foreign Policy Is Both the Right Thing to Do and Smart Strategy

04 August 2017
Adopting a foreign policy that prioritizes gender equality and human rights could help define post-Brexit Britain as a positive force in the world.
Nawaz Sharif. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Farzana Shaikh

Sharif Ruling Threatens Pakistan's Already Brittle Institutions

02 August 2017
The use of Islamic injunctions to dismiss the prime minister could set a bad precedent and undermine democracy.
Donald Trump attends the Arab Islamic American Summit in Riyadh on 21 May. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Jacob Parakilas and Peter Salisbury

Gulf Crisis Exposes the Weakness of Trump’s ‘Unpredictability’

31 July 2017
The US president’s lack of interest in telegraphing his positions in advance may work in business, but it has a debilitating effect on policymaking.
Browsing Twitter in Riyadh. Photo: Getty Images.
Nicole El Khawaja

Look to Social Media for the Gulf’s Burgeoning Debates

27 July 2017
The buzzing online activity around the current regional crisis demonstrates that social media is a crucial tool for political messaging in the GCC.
Israeli forces take at the gates of Al Aqsa Mosque. Photo: Getty Images.
Professor Yossi Mekelberg

Unrest in Jerusalem Encapsulates the Ills of Israel and Palestine

26 July 2017
The agreement reached by Israel and Jordan may defuse the current tensions but will not guarantee long-term calm and stability.
Mohammed bin Salman arrives for a GCC Economic and Development Affairs Authority meeting in Riyadh. Photo: Getty Images.
Jane Kinninmont

Saudi Arabia’s New Crown Prince Promises Reforms to Everything Except Politics

24 July 2017
Mohammed bin Salman feels no pressure to reform his country's politics – but the opposition he faces won't be muted forever.
Simon Coveney. Photo: Chatham House.

Facing Brexit: Ireland, Northern Ireland and the EU

20 July 2017
Simon Coveney, Republic of Ireland minister for foreign affairs and trade, speaks with Jason Naselli about his government's approach to the border, the Conservative/DUP deal and the 'Brexit bill'.
A picture of Liu Xiaobo inside the Nobel Peace Centre on the day of his Peace Prize ceremony, 10 December 2010. Photo: Getty Images.
Professor Steve Tsang

China, Liu Xiaobo and the New Reality of Human Rights

19 July 2017
Liu Xiaobo, Chinese Nobel laureate and human rights campaigner, died on 13 July while serving an 11-year prison sentence for ‘subversion’. Steve Tsang tells Jason Naselli that the reaction to Liu’s death reflects the growing confidence of the Chinese government that it can ignore Western criticism.
Trans Adriatic Pipeline construction site in Alexandroupoli. Photo: Getty Images.
Zaur Shiriyev

Oil Price and Russian Pressure Put Azerbaijan’s Strategic Gas Project at Risk

19 July 2017
The Southern Gas Corridor has come under stress from faltering finances and competing energy initiatives.
The well-built, sanitized housing at Pipka camp illustrates how a more humane approach to providing shelter for refugees can challenge established preconceptions. Photo: Chatham House.
Glada Lahn and Fotini Rantsiou

Making Refugee Aid Add Up in Greece

13 July 2017
As other countries affected by the refugee crisis are finding, only by taking the long view can Greece make sure that some of the aid leaves a legacy.
NGOs run a voluntary vaccination programme for young refugees in Athens. Photo via Getty Images.
Lenio (Eleni) Capsaskis

Integrating Refugees into the Greek Health System Will Benefit Both Newcomers and Their Hosts

06 July 2017
Focus and funding needs to move from emergency response model focused only on NGOs towards building a more comprehensive and inclusive national health system.
Donald Trump welcomes South Korean President Moon Jae-in to the White House on 30 June. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr John Nilsson-Wright

North Korea Missile Test Exposes How Trump Has Overplayed His Hand

05 July 2017
By bringing Alaska within range of Pyongyang's weapons, the new test is an unambiguous game-changer in both symbolical and practical terms.
Hassan Rouhani. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Sanam Vakil and Dr Neil Quilliam

Total’s Iran Deal Gives Rouhani Space to Push Reform

05 July 2017
The time is now for European governments and international companies to ignore distractions from Washington and the Gulf countries and encourage economic reform in Tehran.