Container cars pulled by Union Pacific locomotives at the Port of Los Angeles. Photo via Getty Images
Laura Wellesley, Dr Conor Walsh and Captain Andrew E. Tucci

Chokepoints and Food Security Threats: A Closer Look

29 June 2017
Laura Wellesley, Conor Walsh and Andrew E. Tucci speak to Gitika Bhardwaj to discuss the importance of ‘chokepoints’ in the global food trade.
Golden Bauhinia Square prepares for the anniversary commemorations. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Tim Summers

Twenty Years After Hong Kong Handover, Does ‘One Country, Two Systems’ Still Work?

29 June 2017
This unique constitutional framework can endure – if Hong Kong society can reconcile its different visions of the future.
The foreign ministers of Somalia and Qatar hold a joint press conference on 25 May. Photo: Getty Images.
Ahmed Soliman

Gulf Crisis Is Leading to Difficult Choices in the Horn of Africa

29 June 2017
Tensions between the Gulf states are pushing their neighbours and partners into choosing sides.
Hong Kong and Chinese flags hang in preparation for President Xi Jinping's visit. Photo: Getty Images.
Professor Kerry Brown

‘Hong Kong is now in the hands of its people – they cannot rely on others to stick up for them now.’

29 June 2017
Kerry Brown on ‘one country, two systems’, the UK’s diminishing influence and the territory’s future, 20 years after the handover.
Data centre for T-Systems, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. Photo by: Thomas Trutschel/Photothek/Getty Images
Dr Christopher Smart

Why We Need a Transatlantic Charter for Data Security and Mobility

28 June 2017
Setting common guidelines for data flows is crucial both to protect the goods and services that already depend on big data and to support the next generation of productivity gains and business opportunities.
Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi at a press conference in Berlin in 2015. Photo: Getty Images.
David Butter

Egypt's Sisi Gives With One Hand, and Takes Away With the Other

28 June 2017
Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi has announced extra spending on social benefits to mitigate the impact of economic reforms, but restrictions on civil society are becoming ever tighter.
David Davis and Michel Barnier shake hands as Brexit negotiations begin in Brussels. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Robin Niblett CMG

Britain's Key Task Is to Achieve a Soft Transition to a Hard Brexit

23 June 2017
A sensible Brexit that minimizes damage to the economy requires a soft transition – with the UK remaining temporarily in the single market and customs union – through to the inevitable hard outcome.
Sergei Glazyev and Vladimir Putin. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Nigel Gould-Davies

Russia’s Economic Security Strategy Has Become an Internal Critique

20 June 2017
What was conceived as a response to the West highlights the country’s weaknesses and strategic tensions over how to approach the global economy.
Kenya's new railway begins its inaugural journey. Photo: Getty Images.
Rebekka Rumpel

Lessons from Kenya’s New, Chinese-funded Railway

20 June 2017
Despite cost concerns, Kenya’s deal shows that infrastructure agreements with China can be made fairer for citizens of partner countries. Its neighbours should take note.
The GCC logo. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Kristian Coates Ulrichsen

Is the GCC Worth Belonging To?

20 June 2017
The longer the current crisis in the Gulf continues, the more Qatar and others may begin to question the utility of an organization that appears hopelessly split and powerless to restrain its members.
An undercover Iranian policeman outside the Iranian parliament during the 7 June attack on the complex. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Sanam Vakil

What to Know About the Tehran Terror Attacks

14 June 2017
Iran will now be doubling down on its Middle East policy.
A balloon floats away from a 'Yes' rally for constitutional change on 8 April in Istanbul. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Mina Toksoz

The Turkish Economy Is Struggling with Political Volatility

14 June 2017
Turkey’s current economic policy-mix is untenable in the long term.
A child suspected of being infected with cholera sits outside a makeshift hospital in Sana'a, Yemen. Photo: Getty Images.
Rachel Thompson

Yemen’s Cholera Outbreak Can Be Stopped

13 June 2017
The global health community and its donors cannot end conflict and famine in Yemen, but they can help end this epidemic.
The House of Commons Chamber. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Robin Niblett CMG

UK Election Result May Lead to a More Democratic and Accountable Brexit

09 June 2017
But continued antipathy towards immigration means free movement and membership of the single market remain off the table.
Protestors hold a picture of protest leader Nasser Zefzafi in Al Hoceima. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Claire Spencer

Morocco’s Devolution Can Wait No Longer

08 June 2017
Recent street protests highlight the urgent need for the government to make good on its programme of ‘advanced regionalization’.
A member of the Syrian Democratic Forces removes an ISIS flag after capturing the town of Tabqa. Photo: Getty Images.
Dr Renad Mansour and Hisham Al-Hashimi

ISIS and the New War Economy

08 June 2017
As ISIS loses territory and moves underground, tackling its financial model will be the next step in ‘degrading and defeating’ the terror organization.
A Qatar Airways storefront in Riyadh. Photo: Getty Images.
Peter Salisbury

In Qatar v Saudi Arabia, the West Can't Afford to Pick a Side

07 June 2017
The diplomatic rift between the tiny gas-rich nation and its neighbours threatens to expose the murkier side of British and US relations with the Gulf states.
A lock screen from the WannaCry ransomware attack. Photo: Getty Images.
Joyce Hakmeh

Building a Stronger International Legal Framework on Cybercrime

06 June 2017
By their very nature, cybercrime investigations require extensive cross-border coordination. The international legal framework needs to catch up with this reality.
Supporters of Muqtada al-Sadr demonstrate in Baghdad on 8 February to demand political reform. Photo: Getty Images.
Saad Aldouri

What to Know About Iraq’s Protest Movement

06 June 2017
Saad Aldouri examines the aims and prospects of the groups agitating for political reform in Iraq.
Theresa May arrives for a televised campaign interview. Photo: Getty Images.
Professor Matthew Goodwin

Britain’s Narrowing Polls Throw the Unwritten Laws of Politics into Question

05 June 2017
Jeremy Corbyn and Labour have already overturned the idea that election campaigns don’t make a difference. But whether they can overturn older and more firmly established trends remains to be seen.