Our extensive range of experts enables us to produce a wide range of independent, rigorous analysis of critical global, regional and country-specific challenges and opportunities.

The institute’s reports, papers, books, commentary, and other research outputs are a vital resource for leaders and policy-makers in government, the private sector and civil society.

We seek to connect our analysis and ideas with as wide an audience as possible in order to support informed policy choices.


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  • Adam Ward
    Deputy Director, Chatham House

    Adam Ward

  • Associate Fellow, Asia Programme

    Sir David Warren

  • Laura Wellesley
    Research Fellow, Energy, Environment and Resources

    Laura Wellesley

  • Alan Wheatley
    Associate Fellow, Global Economy and Finance

    Alan Wheatley

  • Richard Whitman
    Associate Fellow, Europe Programme

    Professor Richard G Whitman

  • Xenia Wickett
    Head, US and the Americas Programme; Dean, The Queen Elizabeth II Academy for Leadership in International Affairs

    Xenia Wickett

  • Philip Wilkinson
    Associate Fellow, International Security

    Col (retd) Philip Wilkinson OBE

  • Elizabeth Wilmhurst
    Distinguished Fellow, International Law Programme

    Elizabeth Wilmshurst CMG

  • Kataryna Wolczuk
    Associate Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Programme

    Kataryna Wolczuk

  • Andrew Wood
    Associate Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Programme

    Sir Andrew Wood

  • Georgina Wright
    Research Assistant and Coordinator, Europe Programme

    Georgina Wright

  • Rod Wye
    Associate Fellow, Asia Programme

    Roderic Wye

  • Julia Xue
    Academy Senior Fellow (2016)

    Julia Guifang Xue

  • Farhana Yamin
    Associate Fellow, Energy, Environment and Resources

    Farhana Yamin

  • Project Director, UHC Policy Forum, Centre on Global Health Security

    Robert Yates

  • Dr Nussaibah Younis
    Associate Fellow, Middle East and North Africa Programme

    Dr Nussaibah Younis

  • Ilya Zaslavskiy
    Academy Fellow (2014)

    Ilya Zaslavskiy

  • Micah Zenko
    Whitehead Senior Fellow, US and the Americas Programme

    Micah Zenko

  • Jennifer Zerk
    Associate Fellow, International Law Programme

    Jennifer Ann Zerk