This event is held in association with The International New York Times.

25 September 2014


Dr Abbas Kadhim, Senior Foreign Policy Fellow, School of Advanced International Studies, John Hopkins
Dr Ali Allawi, Minister of Finance, Iraqi Transitional Government (2005-06)
Dr Anas Altikriti, Founder & CEO, The Cordoba Foundation, UK
Ali Khedery, Chairman and CEO, Dragoman Partners; Special Assistant to the US Ambassador to Iraq and Senior Adviser to the CENTCOM Commander (2003-10) 
Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, High Representative to the UK, Kurdistan Regional Government


In recent months, the Islamic State has made sweeping military advances and Baghdad has been paralyzed by political infighting. This discussion focuses on the viability of Iraqi state itself and the ethnosectarian tensions that seem to be pulling the country toward a renewed civil war. Will the formation of a new government headed by Haider al-Abadi prevent the break-up of the country? What would an inclusive political solution look like - and will the Kurds want to be part of it? Can international involvement reverse the Islamic State’s gains on the battlefield? And how does Iraq fit in to the broader conflict in the Middle East?