Exploring the role and nature of pro-regime militias and their relationship with the regime. It also examines prospects for reconstruction in these areas from the perspectives of the regime, local players, and international actors.

1 March 2018


Sinan Hatahet, Senior Researcher, Omran for Strategic Studies
Wael Sawah, CEO, The Syrian Centre for Media and Freedom of Expression
Jihad Yazigi, Editor-in-Chief, The Syria Report 
Chair: Lina Sinjab, Middle East Correspondent, BBC


Seven years into the Syrian conflict, many of the dynamics on the ground in Syria remain misunderstood or misrepresented, leading to oversimplification at best and problematic approaches to the crisis at worst.

This conference aims to shed light on the issues that are among the least understood in the Syrian context, including the opacity of regime areas, the composition and motivation of rebel factions, the future of areas liberated from ISIS, and the crucial roles of civil society and local communities.

It gathers leading policymakers, experts and civil society leaders to examine the key challenges and opportunities faced on the ground in Syria today.