Italy's foreign minister argues that 20 years on from the launch of the Barcelona Process, the principles of joint ownership, dialogue and cooperation have not translated into strong policy outcomes.

14 September 2015


Paolo Gentiloni, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Italy
Chair: Matt Frei, Europe Editor and Presenter, Channel 4 News


In particular, recent efforts to deal with the influx of people crossing the Mediterranean Sea have been limited in scope, despite shipwrecks and deaths in thousands, and the questions of how to care for arriving refugees remains highly contentious. The spread of ISIS has also introduced a new destabilizing influence to Mediterranean shores.Against this backdrop, the speaker outlines Italy's intentions to encourage cooperation and strengthen relations across the region. He launches an independent and high level initiative, the Rome Mediterranean Dialogue (MED), which aims at stimulating new ideas to address current challenges in the extended Mediterranean region in order to rethink traditional approaches and address shared challenges, both at regional and international levels.