Against the backdrop of continuing conflict in Libya, the Middle East and Ukraine and rising tensions in the South China Sea, Condoleezza Rice discusses the importance of reenergizing NATO capabilities and ensuring a strong transatlantic alliance.

29 October 2015


Dr Condoleezza Rice, Director of the Global Center for Business and the Economy, Stanford University; United States Secretary of State (2005-09)


The annual John C Whitehead Lecture has been a fixture of the Chatham House schedule for over a decade, honouring the many contributions Mr Whitehead made to Anglo-American relations in the public and private sectors. Mr Whitehead was US deputy secretary of state to George Shultz and was awarded the Presidential Citizens Medal by Ronald Reagan. He was a chairman emeritus of the Brookings Institution and served as chairman of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, the organization responsible for rebuilding and rejuvenating New York following the 2001 terrorist attacks. John C Whitehead sadly passed away in February of this year but the annual lecture at Chatham House will continue to provide a forum for prominent and distinguished speakers to address the subject of transatlantic relations.