According to the World Economic Forum, global investment in critical infrastructure - transport, power, water and communications - currently amounts to $2.7 trillion a year, $1 trillion a year less than is needed. The demand for investment in infrastructure will continue to increase as demographic and climate-related changes place existing infrastructure under greater strain.

30 June 2015


Professor Sir Keith Burnett FRS, Vice-Chancellor, University of Sheffield; Member of Infrastructure Advisory Council, Infrastructure UK, HM Treasury
Elisabetta Falcetti, Director, Project and Sector Assessment at European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
Julia Prescot, Chief Strategy Officer, Meridiam Infrastructure; Visiting Professor at Bartlett School University College London; Member of the Global Agenda Council on Infrastructure (2014-16), World Economic Forum


The panel consider the widening gap between the amount that is being invested in infrastructure and the amount that is necessary to meet future needs. They focus on the discrepancy between the capital available for investment and the lack of attractive project opportunities out there, and suggest how this gap can be addressed.