5 March 2014


Jihyun Park, North Korean Defector and Human Rights Advocate
John Sweeney, Reporter, BBC Panorama
Dr John Swenson-Wright, Senior Consulting Fellow, Asia Programme, Chatham House


Following the screening of clips from James Jones’ documentary, Life Inside The Secret State, the panel discuss what life is like for North Koreans living under the Kim regime. Through undercover footage, the film reveals discontent among the population, and a black market which is enabling North Koreans to access foreign media – revealing the realities of the outside world. 

The panel examine what is known about the world’s youngest dictator, Kim Jong-un, whose dramatic decision to execute his uncle was considered by some to reveal instability within his regime. 

Jihyun Park also shares her experiences living in – and escaping from – North Korea, and whether she believes there is desire for change among her fellow citizens.