The minister addressed topics including the position of President Trump in relation to the JCPOA in the region, the risk of nuclear proliferation, Saudi Arabia's burgeoning relationship with Iraq, and the ongoing boycott of Qatar.

24 October 2017


HE Adel al-Jubeir, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Saudi Arabia
Chair: Robin Niblett, Director, Chatham House


He spoke about his belief in "human adaptability" and that although periods of change bring instability, he was confident we would end up with a better world as a result.

He said Saudi Arabia was supportive of President Trump's stance regarding Iran and the JCPOA, and that there was a need for tighter inspections within that country as the agreement has "weaknesses" within it.

HE Adel al-Jubeir noted that he felt stopping Iran in terms of nuclear capability also stopped potential nuclear proliferation across the region, and that a united and strong GCC can be a major force in protecting its own territory, although America's role in security remains "indispensable".