In the latest episode of the new podcast series, Agnes Frimston and Ben Horton interview Chatham House experts about the critical underlying issues which are shaping modern society.

22 February 2018


Helen Fitzwilliam, Journalist and documentary film-maker
Xenia Wickett, Head of US Programme, Dean of the Queen Elizabeth Academy for Leadership in International Affairs, Chatham House
Agnes Frimston, Deputy Editor, The World Today
Ben Horton, Digital Marketing Coordinator, International Affairs


This week, Agnes speaks to Helen Fitzwilliam about a new Italian judge-led project to relocate the wives and children of the Calabrian mafia family, the ‘Ndrangheta. Ben then interviews Xenia Wickett about her recent report on transatlantic relations.

Read the article
Escape from the Mafia: an Italian Judge’s Radical Plan

Read the report
Transatlantic Relations: Converging or Diverging?