Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sweden (2006-14); Prime Minister of Sweden (1991 – 94)


Carl Bildt has served as both Prime Minister (1991–94) and Foreign Minister (2006–14) of Sweden, initiating major liberal economic reforms and negotiating membership of the European Union. He has subsequently held international offices at the EU and UN, primarily related to the conflict in the Balkans. He was Co-Chairman of the Dayton peace talks on Bosnia and became the first High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina and later UN Special Envoy to the region. Carl Bildt was an early advocate of the new ICT technologies. His email exchange with President Bill Clinton in 1994 was the first between heads of state. After stepping down as leader of the Moderate Party in 1999 he served on corporate boards in Sweden and the US and several international think-tanks. Returning as Foreign Minister in 2006, he was one of the initiators of the EU’s Eastern Partnership.