The London Conference

Break-Out Sessions - Group One: Hacking Elections: Politics and Cyber Security

Monday 23 October, 1345 – 1500 


Foreign meddling in the politics of other countries, and elections in particular, is nothing new. However, digital technologies are changing the tools available to disruptors, and there is a view that Russia’s interference in the US and French presidential elections broke new ground. There are growing concerns over the integrity of polls in other countries – not just through hacking, but also influence campaigns designed to undermine public faith in the democratic process, spread disinformation and disseminate ‘fake’ news. Data mining and analysis, and the questionable use of personal data to create psychographics have also raised apposite questions about voter manipulation.

How can democracies pre-empt foreign interference and political hacks? How can governments ensure fair elections and protect their citizens from political manipulation? How can political architectures – and voters – become more resilient?



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