The London Conference

Plenary Session Six: A Test for the Future: Land as the Next Strategic Resource

Friday 22 June, 1330 - 1430


The context
In the next decade, land will emerge as the key strategic resource, with major implications for national security, human security and the environment.  Pressure on land and the services it provides is building due to economic, demographic and climatic shifts. Land is finite, and bringing new land into use nearly always comes with a cost. Indeed, land use changes are driving rates of biodiversity loss which threaten environmental stability. Trade helps overcome the regional disparities – land-rich countries typically export food and ‘virtual’ land and water to land scarce regions, for example. But the global trading system and critical infrastructure likewise face unprecedented strain.

The conversation
As pressure on land grows – and strategic concerns about food, water and energy security mount – it looks set to redraw the map of resource-driven interdependencies and create new regional dynamics. But it will also open possibilities for creative solutions – driven by new collaborative models and technological advances.


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