The London Conference

Plenary Session Two: Vibrancy and Disorder: A Global Economy Pulling in Different Directions

Thursday 21 June, 1145 - 1245


The context
The global economy is showing signs of vibrancy across the developed world and major emerging markets, and the projections are for a further acceleration in output growth. In general terms, however, the outlook is increasingly clouded by a range of concerns such as those relating to the fragmentation of the global trade regime amid protectionist impulses, persistent weaknesses in the global financial system, environmental degradation, and the risks posed by potential geopolitical shocks.

The conversation
At issue are the policies required to make the economic revival resilient to shocks and more sustainable.  What can be done – and by whom –to exploit the current upturn to pursue structural and regulatory economic reforms? Where are the areas in which international cooperation can be encouraged, and what are the best vehicles for achieving this? Will the technology that underpins digital currencies change the global economy? And what responsibilities do corporations have in reforming economic systems?


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