The London Conference

Break-Out Sessions - Group One: The New China: Visions of Global Order

Thursday 21 June, 1345 – 1500

The counterpoint to American disengagement has been China’s reach for an enhanced international status, whether as the champion of globalization, the lynchpin of a web of global relationships centred on its Belt and Road Initiative, or a large material supporter of UN agencies and the developing world. Its soft-power projections have nevertheless gone hand in hand with hard-nosed assertions of sovereign interests in Asia, and it continues to develop the military appurtenances of a great power. Under the leadership of Xi Jinping, China is demonstrating a level of confidence and ambition not seen under his immediate predecessors. His domestic modernization ambitions are similarly prodigious. Once a rising power, China has now arrived. At issue is how far China’s confidence, resources and relationships will be deployed to shape and reshape the international system in line with its preferences.



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