The London Conference

Break-Out Sessions - Group One: Beyond Oil: New economies in the Middle East and North Africa

Monday 23 October, 1345 – 1500

While most attention to economic opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa has been directed at the oil and gas fuelled Gulf economies, the MENA region offers a much more diverse economic landscape. Beirut has become the tech capital of the Arab world, a hub for start-ups that are making their mark in the international market. Businesses in Iran are preparing the ground for increased trade with the West. Tunisia offers a wealth of natural, industrial and human resources that are beginning to attract foreign investment. And in Iraq, the liberation of areas from ISIS is paving the way for reviving the economy and diversification beyond oil.

Can these new economic opportunities be made sustainable – nationally, regionally or globally? Which are the brightest spots? Which are the most important obstacles to overcome?



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