The London Conference 2017
Photo: Getty Images

Keynote Conversation: Global Cities in Nation-States: The New Urban-Rural Divide

Monday 23 October, 1705 – 1805

According to the UN, 56% of the world’s population lives in cities. By 2030 this is expected to increase to 60%, with 27% of people concentrated in cities with at least 1 million inhabitants. This has created useful economies of scale, with many cities leading on issues such as health, transport and response to climate change. However, cities are often criticized for acting like separate countries within their own nations, full of ‘metropolitan elites’ who are out of touch with rural living. Similarly, megacities are threatening to overwhelm development in smaller urban areas.

Are cities deepening national divisions? What are the consequences if people in London feel more connected to citizens of Tokyo, São Paolo or New York than those in Yorkshire? What does this mean for political leadership?



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