Thursday 16 June - 1415-1530

Encryption: The Frontline Between Privacy and Security

The recent showdown between Apple and the US government threw into sharp relief the tensions between the private sector and governments in individual information security. What considerations should businesses make in balancing the needs and demands of their customers with the needs of government and the demands of national security? Should end-to-end data encryption be allowed or should ‘backdoor’ data access be required?.

Unlocking African Growth: Overcoming Barriers to Integration and Infrastructure Development

Africa’s vast economic potential now dominates conversations about the continent’s development. Accelerating levels of urbanization and education, an abundance of natural resource wealth and increasing access to capital have created the conditions for rapid growth across the continent. However, significant obstacles remain, including weak infrastructure, poor governance and barriers to regional integration and free trade. How can Africa consolidate its economic transformation and overcome impediments to sustainable growth?

Healthcare for All: From Aspiration to Implementation

In 2015, the UN General Assembly formally adopted the Sustainable Development Goals, which include a target to achieve universal health coverage (UHC) whereby everyone receives the quality health services they need without suffering financial hardship. There are obvious benefits but the best strategy to achieve this goal is yet to be defined. What are the merits of different policy options and what are the tradeoffs governments may need to make between extending coverage to more people, expanding the package of services people receive and how these services should be financed? What is the political feasibility of different strategies to reach UHC?