SVP, Global Head of Financial Crimes Compliance, Western Union
Duncan DeVille


Duncan DeVille is Global Head of Financial Crimes Compliance at Western Union. His previous positions were: heading the Office of Compliance and Enforcement at the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), in the US Dept. of Treasury; heading the Financial Crimes Compliance Practice at Booz Allen Hamilton; Senior Financial Enforcement Advisor in the U.S. Treasury Dept.’s Office of International Affairs; Rule of Law Director with the US Dept. of Defense in Iraq; and a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School while also a Sr. Consultant to RAND. Prior to these positions, for the first half of his career, Duncan was a prosecutor. He was an Asst. US Attorney in Los Angeles with the US Dept. of Justice’s (DOJ) Organized Crime Strike Force, and was also posted in Moscow and in Yerevan for DOJ. Before this, Duncan worked as a prosecutor at the state level, as a Special Asst. Attorney General; and at the city level, as a Dep. District Attorney. Concurrent with his present work at Western Union, he is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Georgetown Univ. Duncan earned graduate degrees from Oxford, Harvard, and the Univ. of Denver, and his undergraduate degree from the Univ. of Louisiana.