The 2017 Chatham House London Conference will take place in the autumn at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel.

The main hall at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

In The Balance: A Future World (Dis)Order

The year 2016 may well be remembered for the breakdown of the post-war liberal consensus. Brexit, a Trump presidency, a rise in populism across the West, an assertive Russia – are all signals that world order is fundamentally changing. Economic globalization and expanded flows of information mean we are living in a contested set of political spaces. Even the strongest leaders risk a sudden erosion of confidence. 

The 2017 Chatham House London Conference, In the Balance: A Future World (Dis)Order, will focus on how world order is shifting and how leaders can react to this new context. This is a vital moment to convene leading thinkers and actors from across the world to assess how we can work together to build a sustainably secure, just and prosperous world.