8 October 2012


President Obama's failure to exert American power abroad has left the US vulnerable and in need of a swift return to a Reaganite foreign policy, argues John Bolton in the new issue of The World Today.

Bolton, currently the foreign policy advisor to the Romney campaign, says there is a huge gap between Obama's search for foreign forbearance and Romney's adherence to Reagan's 'peace through strength'.

Also in this issue, Charles Kupchan and Bruce Jentleson, informal advisors to President Obama, argue that this line of attack by Republicans mistakes Obama's prudence for weakness. In fact, through his 'principled pragmatism', Obama has reclaimed the legitimacy of the US abroad. At the same time, he has deployed power where necessary and countered the terrorist threat far more effectively than his predecessor.

Plus, former Australian foreign minister Gareth Evans warns of a return to the days of Rwanda, Srebrenica and Bosnia if the UN Security Council does not find a way to resolve the Syrian crisis.

Time magazine's Tony Karon analyses the role played by McDonald's and KFC as 'fetish objects on which anti-American outrage is vented', and their attempts to indigenize their brands, from the Middle East to China. As a McDonald's spokesman puts it, 'We don't act local; we are local.'

Notes to Editors

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