15 February 2013


Chatham House has purchased the ground floor of Ames House, an adjacent property, as part of a multi-year plan that will enable the institute to respond to the increasing demand for its research and convening capacity and to facilitate a planned increase in the number of Visiting Fellows it will host in the future.

The institute has taken a 999-year lease on the ground floor of Ames House in Duke of York Street adjacent to 9-10 St James's Square. Chatham House currently rents the second floor of Ames House as office space for research staff and owns the building's basement in which the Joseph Gaggero Hall is situated. In the coming months, the institute will also extend the current 125-year lease of the basement, which has 97 years remaining, to a 999-year lease to match that of the ground floor.

Based in London, one of the world's first global capitals, Chatham House hosts debates and offers research and ideas to address the growing number of challenges that transcend borders and affect governments and societies today.

Robin Niblett, Director, said, 'The institute is building on its location in the heart of London. The opportunity to acquire space directly adjacent to our historic home at 10 St James's Square means that we will be able to offer a wider range of integrated analysis, insights and solutions to our constituencies. We will also be able to increase the number of young leaders who we can host at the institute from across the world and who will represent the more inclusive responses necessary for a safe and prosperous future.'

Demand for the institute's work has grown significantly in the past five years and we now have 120 staff, plus Visiting and Associate Fellows and others in the building (in 2007 the institute employed 72 people). With interns and Visiting Fellows, the institute now hosts 140 individuals in its existing premises. The planned growth in Visiting Fellows, including last month's announcement of Asfari Fellowships, has also created a pressing need to address potential shortfalls in our office space. The Ames House purchase will alleviate much of this pressure in the coming years.

For more information, please contact [staff 52630 189357]