10 July 2013


The Taliban have suffered heavy attrition in Helmand, but they are far from defeated, write Theo Farrell and Antonio Giustozzi of King's College London, in the July issue of International Affairs. The article, based on original interviews with over 100 Taliban field commanders and fighters, produces the most detailed and authentic picture publicly available of the insurgency in southern Afghanistan.

In a separate article on the United States' role in Afghanistan, Chatham House associate fellow Matt Waldman identifies and analyses the major policy-making errors since the West's intervention in 2001. Drawing on 51 in-depth interviews with US officials and experts, Waldman explains why mistakes have been made, and recommends the lessons that can be learned.

Elsewhere in the issue, Dr Roy Allison from the University of Oxford examines Russia's unyielding alignment with the regime of Bashar Assad since the Syrian crisis erupted in early 2011. Dr Allison argues that the principal reason for Moscow's support is the potential impact of the Syrian crisis on the domestic political order of the Russian state.

Other articles in the issue look at the prospects for East Asian regionalism; China's international relationships in an era of economic uncertainty; and the challenges confronting US extended nuclear assurance in Asia.

Notes to Editors

The featured article in the current issue is The Taliban at war: inside the Helmand insurgency, 2004-2012 by Theo Farrell and Antonio Giustozzi. Listen to co-author Theo Farrell discuss the article with Michael Keating.

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