Chatham House is pleased to announce a cornerstone contribution of £3.8 million from the MAVA Foundation towards a new research centre on the sustainable resource economy.

Rob Bailey and André HoffmannRob Bailey and André Hoffmann

Chatham House will establish the Hoffmann Centre on the Sustainable Resource Economy which will be made possible by a commitment of £3.8 million from the MAVA Foundation. The long-term goal of the Hoffmann Centre will be to transform the political economy of resource production and consumption to deliver a sustainable resource economy. The creation of the Hoffmann Centre builds on the MAVA Foundation’s ongoing £1.3 million grant to Chatham House for its multiyear project on Forging Sustainable Resources Futures.

Robin Niblett, Director of Chatham House, said:‘I am delighted that this generous support from the MAVA Foundation’s will enable Chatham House to launch the Hoffmann Centre on the Sustainable Resource Economy. Reducing resource use without constraining human prosperity has become one of the defining challenges to humanity of this century.

André Hoffmann, President of the MAVA Foundation, said: ‘Chatham House’s research on the future of the world’s resources is widely recognized as being world class, and I am confident that the Hoffmann Centre on the Sustainable Resource Economy will be able to build and expand on this ongoing and influential work. There can be no more important long-term international issue than how we use our precious and scarce resources to make a better future for us all.

The Hoffmann Centre is the first interdisciplinary research centre to be established at Chatham House as part of the institute’s Second Century Initiative. The ambition of the Initiative is to ensure that Chatham House continues to fulfil its role as an independent and trusted voice on international affairs, up to and beyond its centenary in 2020.

MAVA is a philanthropic foundation of the Hoffmann family, focussing on biodiversity conservation and natural resource use. It has regional programmes in the Mediterranean, northwestern Africa and the Alps as well as a thematic programme on Sustainable Economy. Founded in 1994 by Dr Luc Hoffmann, it is now one of Europe’s most active funders in the environment.