10 December 2014

Chatham House and Routledge, Taylor & Francis are pleased to announce a partnership to publish The Journal of Cyber Policy.


The peer-reviewed journal will provide a unique place for scholars and practitioners to address emerging cyber policy challenges, which are growing in scope and urgency as countries around the world are becoming increasingly dependent on digital networks. Decision-makers in the public and private sectors are grappling with the security challenges posed by this inter-dependence and are often at a loss for informed and rigorous thinking.

The policy issues that emerge from our interconnected digital world are inherently international, and the journal will draw upon a geographically and culturally diverse set of contributors. The journal will place a strong emphasis on topics that are international in scope, and can address national and international cyber policy challenges.

The challenges of the cyber world are cross-disciplinary, and the journal will reflect this in the range of contributions that it solicits. The list of disciplines includes: politics, economics, sociology, anthropology, public administration, law, outer space security, military sciences, and media studies and communication. Topics of particular interest will include cyber warfare, cyber crime, internet governance, implications of emerging technologies such as autonomous weapons and quantum computing, internet access, the growing societal dependence on digital connectivity, and balancing the demands of personal privacy and national security.

The first two issues of The Journal on Cyber Policy will be published in 2016 and from 2017 it will be published three times per year. Further details will be released at a reception in the spring (details to follow) and again at the Chatham House Cyber Security Conference on 22-23 June 2015.


Emily Taylor, Editor, Journal of Cyber Policy, or Nilza Amaral, Administrator, International Security
+44 (0)20 7957 5743


Nilza Amaral

Coordinator, International Security