21 May 2015

Chatham House is pleased to announce the speaker line-up for its second annual London Conference, at Lancaster House on 1-2 June 2015. 


Lofted view of London Bridge at dusk with motion blurred commuters and London bus, with the Shard in the background. Photo by Sean Randall/Getty Images.
Photo by Sean Randall/Getty Images.


Chatham House’s annual London Conference looks at the big issues that confront the world at this key moment in history, and at how to design the new systems and institutions that will shape the international landscape of the future.

Speaker highlights     

  • Fernando Henrique Cardoso, President of Brazil (1995-03)
  • Kevin Rudd, President, Asia Society Policy Institute; Prime Minister of Australia (2013; 2007-10)
  • Yannis Stournaras, Governor, Bank of Greece; Minister of Finance, Greece (2012-14)     
  • Børge Brende, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Norway      
  • Sergey Karaganov, Foreign policy adviser to the Presidential Administration, Russia (2001-13)     
  • Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Secretary General, NATO (2009-14); Prime Minister of Denmark (2001-09)     
  • Dr Barham Ahmed Salih, Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan (2009-12); Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq (2006-09) 

This year's London Conference takes places ahead of the G7 summit in Germany.  The themes – demographic changes, urbanization, technological disruptions and resource constraints – are woven throughout the sessions. The aim is not only to discuss the major challenges that these issues present, but also ‘how’ and ‘by whom’ they should be addressed.

Panel discussions will include   

  • The Changing Geopolitical Context: Reassessing Priorities and Approaches - In conversation with Kevin Rudd and Fernando Henrique Cardoso     
  • What are the implications of the United States substantially retreating from its global leadership role?      
  • How are new patterns and habits of digital connectivity changing relations between governments and their populations?     
  • Can countries count on technological advances to deliver new routes to economic growth and social inclusion?     
  • Is it more important to build national, regional or sectoral successes than to expect answers at the level of global governance?

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Editor's notes

Journalists are asked to email [email protected] if they wish to apply for press accreditation.   

This conference will be livestreamed on the Chatham House website.

The conference is sponsored by Chevron, AIG, BP, Bloomberg and Diageo and has the support of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The recommended hashtag for this event will be #LondonConference


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