9 December 2016

Dr Paola Subacchi, director of Chatham House’s International Economics Department, has been awarded the prestigious Order of the Star of Italy.


The ‘Cavaliere’ of the Order of ‘Stella d’Italia’ is presented to individuals who have made a positive contribution to Italy’s reputation abroad and who have fostered positive relations and cooperation with other countries and their ties with Italy.

Founded in 1947 to recognize civilian and military expatriates or non-Italians who made an outstanding contribution to Italy’s post-war reconstruction, the focus of this honour has now shifted to acknowledge individuals who have made specific contributions to Italy’s image and relationships overseas.

Dr Subacchi’s research and work at Chatham House was praised for its quality and rigour and for encouraging international dialogue. Dr Subacchi’s influence through her books, articles and media appearances were also noted for the impact they created, in particular in the context of the wider platform and reputation of Chatham House. 

Accepting the award from Vincenzo Celeste, Dr Subacchi said: ‘I am very proud to accept this award. In particular I would like to thank my family, friends and colleagues for their support, friendship and mentoring and I am delighted to share this honour with them.’