, Volume 91, Number 1

The January book reviews section begins with two important additions to International Relations literature: Francis Fukuyama’s ‘Political order and political decay’ and Henry Kissinger’s ‘World order’. Adam Roberts, reviewing the former, finds Fukuyama’s new book to be a remarkable work while Michael Boyle describes ‘World order’ as a ‘compelling statement of the problem facing the United States in building a world order with rising powers’. Readers will also find several reviews of recent books on energy, international history, international organizations and law in the January issue, including Friedrich Kratochwil’s ‘The status of law in world society’, reviewed by Cornelia Navari. This month's international security section focuses on the ethics of war, including drone warfare, while the regional sections cast a wider net, covering topics from the state of the French polity, politics in the Black Sea region, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Indian foreign policy and China’s borders to piracy in the Horn of Africa.

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