, Volume 91, Number 2

The March book reviews section covers a wide-ranging selection of topics and regions. Jack Spence begins by reviewing a fascinating collection of essays, edited by John Ikenberry, on the legacy and influence of Robert Gilpin’s 'War and change in world politics'. Spence notes how remarkably enduring Gilpin’s influence has proven to be. We continue featuring a selection of books on gender and conflict; in this issue Mary Kaldor reviews 'The search for lasting peace', edited by Rosalind Boyd. Also in this section, Catherine Allerton reviews Jacqueline Bhabha’s most recent work on the often ignored topic of children and migration. Under Conflict, security and defence, readers can find a review of Talking to terrorists' by Jonathan Powell. Tim Wilsey concludes that the former Downing Street chief of staff’s newest book is essential reading for anyone interested in the subject. Readers wanting to learn more about improving international development might be interested in Brian Levy’s Working with the grain', reviewed by David Leonard. Later on, in the regional sections, our reviewers look at a wide range of books on topical issues, including German power, strategy and American foreign policy, security and the South China Sea, Zimbabwean politics, the role of the Pashtuns in Pakistan and Russian domestic and foreign affairs.

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